Meet Dr. Daniel Suh

Daniel Suh, DMD

As a dentist, I am excited most about my patients – they remind me daily of my decision to take up a profession in the dental field. I love being able to come to work every day and provide exceptional services and treatments that help people live happier and healthier lives. When I was young, I had a very unfortunate first experience with a dentist. He did not care for what he was doing or how he did it, and I knew there must be a better way to fix teeth. During dental school, I vowed never to give my patients the same experience. My dedication is always to my patients and providing them with the most rewarding and beneficial dental care available.

Education and continuing education

In 1997, I graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry and received my Doctorate of Dental Medicine. The following year, I completed my Advanced Education in General Dentistry at Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery. I have further completed many different certifications so that I am able to provide my patients a wider array of advanced dental treatments:

  • Nobel Biocare™ Implant Certificate - 1999
  • Lifecore Implant Certificate - 2000
  • Northwest Orthodontics Certificate - 2000
  • Zimmer Implant and Bone Graft Certificate - 2000
  • Invisalign® Certificate I - 2002
  • Invisalign Certificate II - 2003
  • Certificate in Advanced Bone Graft from MAP - 2004
  • Advanced study of TMJ and Occlusion - 2006 - 2008
  • Voted as America's Best Dentist 2013 by The National Consumer Advisory Council

top dentist

I understand how important it is for my patients that I stay current and abreast of the latest technology, trends, and techniques in dentistry so that I can give them nothing but the gentlest and most effective dental care available. For this reason, I take many continuing education courses each year, and I hold membership with many organizations and professional affiliations, including:

At home and beyond

I am a native of Busan, South Korea and came to State 1993 for Dental School. At home,I live with my lovely wife, Youngmi, and a little dog, Narea, She was my wedding gift for my wife and now became a big part of whole family.

I am actively involved in a local church, and have been blessed to have the opportunity to attend a mission trip to Sierra Leone, Africa in 1997 right before my graduation. I believe that God gave me great talent which I should share and benefit those in need. After that moment, I never stopped pursuing for better dentistry and going to poor country to help.  Earlier in life, I was a chef in the army, and so I suppose serving people has been in my heart for a long time!

I look forward to sharing some amazing experiences with you and welcoming you to my family of patients.