Very good dentist - I am thankful to this dentist for taking me on short notice. I really needed to see the dentist after a sleepless night and they had me in on the same day!!!!! - Billy B.

Great facility.... I really enjoyed my visit and recommend this company to everyone. Thanks for the great service!!!!! - Ricky

Excellent dentist. Staff is very professional and the office overall is a A+ - Shawn

Great dental facility! My appointment went smooth and the staff was friendly and courteous. Overall a great experience and they took my insurance! - Shanon

I am thankful for the care and attention from Jersey City Dental. I am leaving a positive review because they really did a good job from the moment I called. Thank you very much and I am going to be going back next year! - Chris

I found a fantastic dentist in Jersey City, finally: > > belive it or not, I just got home from an almost pleasant root canal... > In our very own downtown jersey city !! WOHAAAA > > The place is really nicely put together, they actually have decent > music on and every single employee is extremely nice and accommodating. > Dr Suh was a sweetheart with my kids. They both got cleanings and Nuria > got two fillings with needle involvement and she was actually VERY ok. > My husband was also super-comfortable and liked the Doctor immediately. > > And me, well, I have a heavy duty history of dentistry and I never ever > felt so good in a dentist's hands...and been in a great number of them. > To begin with, after the first two (painless) shoots of Novocain Dr Suh > sent me for a 15 minute complimentary massage. SWEET!!. The root canal > proceeded without those horrible cottons and mouth openers because the > man isolates your teeth with a little latex fabric that covers the rest > of your mouth not allowing for saliva going in the tooth and pieces of > tooth going in your mouth. So you are actually quite comfortable. The > root canal itself was easy and fast. > > Oh, and for the first time, a dentist DID NOT push veneers on me, on > the contrary, he recommended I do NOT do them but change my frontal > fillings instead (covered by insurance). > > So there, for all of you looking for a dentist, I highly, highly > recommend Dr Daniel Suh at www.jcdentalspa.com - Maria S.

Don't like dentists but this place made it bearable. Thank you for the great service and professionalism. - Chase

Great dentist. Dr. Daniel Suh and his colleagues provide thorough professional service...excellent care, compassionate, virtually pain-free. Most important, the patient not only is healthier, but looks better after the treatments. Guess what else? No waiting! The staff is kind, it's easy to make an appointment and I would recommend the Jersey City office and the Edgewater office - Hudson Dental - to anyone needing care. It's the best! - Nora

My husband and I both love Dr. Daniel and his staff.....They provide a warm, inviting atmosphere and friendly faces. - Shelly

Super friendly staff. Dr. Suh is a great dentist, and explains things so well. I would definitely refer other people to this office. - Zachary A.

I just wanted to thank you for your services. I had a great experience at the Dental Spa. The staff was very friendly and the dental hygienist made me feel very comfortable. I appreciated she took the time to notice my birthday and she took the time out to write it on the bag she handed me on my way out. It's actually the small things that bring comfort and I thought you should know you hired the right people for the job! This dental office is better than my last and I thought they were fairly well. Anyhow, I was a bit nervous switching to a new dental office and I'm glad to have chosen your office as well I look forward to my next visit.  - Joshua Agosto

Spectacular - I have now gone here for over a year and I have to say I love this place! Having relocated from Newport Beach California, my expectations for dental care are exceptionally high and Jersey City Dental Spa has exceded all of these. Ask for Dr Daniel Suh - exceptional work. The office is immaculate, the staff are superb from the moment you enter the reception area right through to the soothing massage - if you have to get injections - which takes the edge off things as you numb up and start to drool! I always felt that visiting the dentist was like going to a mechanic - but not here. Honest, clear and helpful at laying out your options, and although visiting the dentist can be expensive just remember, good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good. Jersey City Dental Spa gets a 10 out of 10. - Nicholas M. Pollacchi

After seeing the poor review that was posted, I was compelled to write my review and experiences. For most of my life, the experiences I have had with Dentists have been poor. For some reason I have a very low threshold for pain and discomfort with my teeth. My teeth are very sensitive. To provide perspective; I have undergone brain surgery to have a tumor removed and that ranks below dental work on things I hate. I recently moved to Jersey City and was in need to find a new dentist. In addition, I needed to find a dentist that was experience with Mandibular Advancement Devices due to recently being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. I was lucky to of found Dr. Suh and his team. I did have some doubts when reading 'excellent' review after 'excellent' review, but after experiencing them first hand, I can easily say this is an amazing practice. I have had a number of treatments including cleanings, cavity fillings, tooth extraction, and Mandibular Advancement Device fitting. Each and every experience has been great. This does not mean that I didn't grab on to the chair like I was going to rip the arms off or have the back of my shirt turn wet from sweat, because I did. Given my fear based on past history with other dentists, this will be a hard habit for me to break, BUT Dr. Suh and his staff was very sensitive to my concerns (FEARS) and did an amazing job addressing them and ensuring it was always a relativity pain free experience. At any sign of pain, Dr. Suh would re-target the Novocaine or wait a little bit longer for it to take full effect. Beyond their technical aptitude their customer service ranks very high with me. As a business owner, I can appreciate their genuine service delivery skills. They all seem to love what they do. An example of going above and beyond; my insurance company was challenging a procedure which I only found out via a letter from the insurance company. I immediately called the dentist office to see what I needed to do. They told me not to worry, come in as scheduled, they would facilitate the issue on my behalf and the information was already sent into the insurance company! - Martin Butler

I switched to this dentist after going to a dentist in NYC. I am so glad that I changed to Dr. Suh. Not only is the office located closer to my home but he and his staff have been very honest with my actual dental needs. I have always had a problem with my teeth and my other dentists have prayed on it. Previously dentists were just interested in selling me on products and services rather then keeping my teeth healthy. Dr. Suh has helped my teeth to look better, feel better and now my smile is great without breaking the bank. I have recommend him to all of my friends!! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment now in his fabulous office! - Steven Slatten

The doctor is very qualified and caring.  The staff is very attentive.  They've worked with me many times to rearrange my appointments despite my hectic schedule. They also have a masseuse on staff who gives you a massage while you wait for the Dr.  What else can you ask for? - Andrei G.

Been here 3-times now and I can tell you that this is a place where they truly care about and concern themselves with the patient and what their needs are.
They take all steps to make you feel secure and relaxed (free hand-massages!) and the facility is meticulously clean and modern.
Would recommend them to everyone! - Miles G.

Was able to quickly schedule an emergency appointment for tooth pain. Office called day prior to get insurance info by phone to save time when I got to office. Jarret at reception was very professional and efficient. As first time patient paperwork was quick. I was taken into the back right away and Jasmine was quick with initial assessment. Dr Suh started work right away. Made sure I was clear on the process and eased my anxiety about the procedure. I would recommend Dr Suh. - Anonymous

I am satisfied with my visit and got the service level I expected.I would go to this place again. Abhijit P.

Dr. Suh was really nice. I would have to go back for a few more visits to determine his work. I was only seen for a cleaning and xrays which is all done by the hygienist. - Michele B.

Excellent first visit, staff was very friendly, helped me with tracking my insurance provider. I took an emergency appointment due to severe tooth ache, Dr. Suh was very friendly and knowledgeable. Explained the process and talked through the procedure. Definitely I will be going to this clinic from now on. Location is convenient as well one block from Exchange Pl path. - Anonymous

I hate the dentist, but the hygenist here was extremely kind and accommodating and Dr. Suh was very friendly as well. Highly recommended. - Eric H.